Legacy is greater than currency.


picture by Simone Acquaroli — Italy

- Gary Vaynerchuk

I’m always looking for inspiration.

My social media profile has evolved from an 80’s-kid looking to match up with the apparent amazing life my friends seemingly had by sharing their magnificent travels and perfect relationships - to using Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to the benefit of getting inspired by others who found their own insights on life, on business, on consciousness, on society, on food, on health.

Name it, I’ll read it.

Of course, although I’m proud of this evolution, I don’t deny my pitfall of having this drive for self-development. I end over-triggered, getting addicted to learning new stuff and feeling tired.

Two consequences:

  1. Discovering a new type of fomo. Inspiration fomo. What’s out there for me? What could make my life better, more meaningful?
  2. I don’t check my phone for likes. But I’m looking for someone to give one to. Different intention, same agitation.
  3. You know when you get too much ice cream in one bite, it gets you this brain freeze? Well, I experienced that dealing with a bulk of information at once, creates an action paralysis. Your brain is trying to digest such a portion of mind food, the food is actually not being converted properly into fuel.

So, intuitively I started (re-)reaching out to inspiring people who call to action. People like human guinea pig Tim Ferris, the empowering-the-Rock-type-of-coach Tony Robbins and also Felonius-Gru-high-on-life-type-of-hustler Gary Vaynerchuk(I adore sweet funny Gru by the way).

Books, documentaries, podcasts, vlogs. I was looking for something or someone that could help me get out of this “deer in the headlights”-phase.

Gary first came across to me as a loud, over-enthusiastic self-made man. Living the American Dream. More like demanding it actually. He would not rest before he reached the world with his perspective on business and life. I needed some time to really grasp him, to understand his true intention. And then, it happened.

Like lightning he struck me. Not it, he.

I randomly (or not. #intuition), opened one of his YouTube episodes called “Document, Don’t Create”. (I do admit, he had a small advantage name dropping Queen B and King James in the first 20 seconds.)But he did call me out. It’s like he went all in and called my bluff.

“Enough listening, start doing shit. … The game has changed. … Don’t be scared to be multi-dimensional. You’re not unfocused. Nobody in this world should define who you are. You can be so many things.” — Gary V.

Pumping out content about the process rather than about the result, has become the new currency.

You need to be thinking about documenting, more than you need to be thinking about creating. … I think it’s much smarter for you to talk to the world about your process of going through this, than the advice you think you should be giving them.” — Gary V.

Just when I was about to give my classic “Hallelujah!” shout out, it dawned on me.

I don’t have to be just a supporter on the sideline. I can participate in this.

I changed my life drastically over the past year, paired with not so light decisions. But most of all paired with new adventures to come, that still scare the socks of my feet. Type of adventures that can only happen once at this pace, with this intensity. So why not share my journey with the world and have fun while at it?

If there is one person out there who gets inspired by my drive, comforted by my failures or called to action by my leaps of faith — wouldn’t that be the essence of what brings me joy?

This combined with putting my talents, values and passion into use, wouldn’t I flourish more than ever?

  • I’ve always claimed I would die happy knowing I’ve made a positive impact on as many people as possible.
  • I’m a word wizard and story teller. Not the marketing kind. More the visual, plastic kind. To create the right image in people’s thoughts, with all the nuances, details, ties and bows. Because imagination, means everything to me.
  • I don’t sell, I share because I really care. My friends know me for my honesty, my resilience and authenticity. Whenever I’m procrastinating on something I need to do, I’ll realize something’s not feeling right. I’ll know I’m probably not being 100% true to myself and my values.
  • And I sure do love my podium. Whether it’s through writing, through talking or re-posting. Because it feels egoistic to not share things or insights knowing it might help others out.

It all seems pretty structured now I read what I just wrote. Writing clearly gives structure to my thoughts. Self-coaching as you will. The feels are different from the looks though. It feels like I’ve put myself out there. Feeling vulnerable.

Also, I might have put into place another piece to my puzzle. Because since I’ve seen this video, I can’t stop thinking about my answer when people asked me as a kid: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

“Journalist.”, I said.

I ended up studying Architecture, starting as a Recruiter and pursuing a corporate career for 12 years. How? Life happened.

Maybe if someone would’ve asked: “Who do you want to become when you grow up”, things might have turned out differently.

But then again: “Que sera, sera”.